When you can’t see the Forest for the Trees: Thoughts on political communication in the age of social media (2012)


Speaker : Chantal Hébert

Chantal Hébert is a national affairs writer with the Toronto Star and a guest columnist for Le Devoir and L’Actualité. She is a weekly participant on the political panel at Issue on the CBC’s The National as well as Radio-Canada’s Les Coulisses du pouvoir.  Ms Hébert began her career in Toronto as a reporter for the regional newsroom of Radio-Canada in 1975 before moving on to Parliament Hill for Radio-Canada radio.  She has served as parliamentary bureau chief for Le Devoir and La Presse.

Hébert is a graduate of Glendon College, York University.  She is a Senior Fellow of Massey College at the University of Toronto and holds honorary doctorates from Bishop’s and York University.  She is a recipient of two Asia-Pacific media fellowship (Malaysia and Japan).  She is the 2 005 recipient of the APEX Public Service Award. In 2 006, she received the Hy Solomon award for excellence in journalism and public policy as well as York University’s Pinnacle Achievement Bryden Alumni award. She is the author of a 2 007 book titled French Kiss : Stephen Harper’s Blind Date with Quebec.

The conference will be preceded by a reception at C-2081 at Carrefour des arts et des science