Gareth Grainger

Mr. Gareth Grainger is Deputy Chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) and Chairman of the International Committee of the Research Forum on Children and Media. He is also Chairman of the On-Line, Policy and Strategy, Codes and Standards and Legal and Enforcement Committees of the ABA as well as Associate Member of the Australian Communications Authority.

From 1993 to 1997 Mr. Grainger was General Manager, Policy and Programs, at the ABA. He was previously a senior executive of the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), Australia’s second public broadcaster. He has a Master of Laws degree with Honours in International Law and has been a visiting Associate Professor at the Bond University School of Law.

Mr. Grainger has represented the ABA at major national and international forums and has been instrumental in developing close relationships between the ABA and other national broadcasting regulators and policy makers in Australia and overseas. His extensive experience in broadcasting regulation will provide a rich perspective on the challenges facing broadcasting on the eve of the new millenium.