Peter Dahlgren

Dr. Peter Dahlgren, Professor of Media and Communication Studies, Lund University, Sweden, has written extensively on the role of mass media and journalism in the development of a democratic public sphere.

Born in Sweden and raised and educated in the United States, where he obtained a PhD in sociology at the City University of New York (1977), Dr. Dahlgren was principal lecturer in the Department of Journalism and Communication at Stockholm University from 1980-97. He has supervised post-doctoral research in the area of television studies since 1985, and has held his current position since July 1997.

Author of the highly acclaimed book, Television and the Public Sphere (London: Sage, 1995), Dr. Dahlgren has also co-edited (with Colin Sparks) two important collections of critical essays, Journalism and Popular Culture (London: Sage, 1992), and Communication and Citizenship (London: Routledge, 1991). His current research focuses on the Internet as a journalistic resource and possible basis for the foundation of a new civic culture.