Robert W. McChesney

Dr. Robert W. McChesney of the University of Wisconsin (Madison) is a media scholar, historian and activist.

McChesney has written widely on media history and telecommunications policy. He is one of the leading U.S. experts on the question of public broadcasting and nonprofit media systems. He has also studied the effects of corporate control and advertising on the nature of journalism, and is currently analysing the ongoing policy debates surrounding the Internet and telecommunications. In addition to numerous books and articles in the academic and popular press, McChesney hosts a radio public affairs program in Madison, and is active in many nonprofit publications and broadcasting services. He is also on the steering committee of the Cultural Environment Movement.

On the basis of his academic work and his involvement with respect to media democratisation, Dr. McChesney has brought an important perspective to the issues facing public broadcasting.

His insights into the burgeoning global media activism movement and the connection between public broadcasting and wider social issues are particularly pertinent in light of the issues that now confront the Canadian media landscape.